Upsilon devoted to do machine knives and industrial blades since 1988. In the past 30 years, we help many kinds of clients save their problem about the machines and knives, and have our own brand. UPSILON GROUP is a manufacturer of high quality industrial knives and accessories according its own factory and experienced engineer team.


30 years experience in industrial blades and machine knives.


Professional sales team, experienced engineers and trained staffs to offer fast response and good service.


The CEO come from an experienced engineer, pay more attention to technology supprot and quality control.


30 years experience in OEM with more 237 projects studies!

Our Team


Vincent Wu, the CEO of UPSILON GROUP, began to do industrial knives since 1985. He began from an producing engineer. As an experienced engineer, he began our own factory, UPSILON. Group in 1988. He have been worked for more than 1000+ clients from all the world. Because his original job is an engineer, even he is an president now, he pay most of his attention to the quality.

Global sales Director

Since join in UPSILON GROUP in 2010, Amy now is the global sales director, She help more than 500+ clients from over the world save the problems for their machine knives and industrial cutter blades even though she is a Women. She is familiar with all kinds of material, production processing and the procession for International Business, she can help you from the idea to your finally receive the products.


As a COO,Panya would include overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, daily communication with the CEO, creating operations strategies and policies, communicating operational strategies to employees, building employee alignment with company goals , and overseeing human resource development.

Head Engineer

Since joining Upsilon group in 1999, Leo is the partner of our CEO Vincent, as the head engineer for upsilon group, he has held various sales leadership and management roles. In his role as head of Upsilon group, Leo is responsible for the Services, Field Engineering, and Customer Support teams that manage customer relationships around the world, solutions while driving business growth for the company.

Produce Manager

Tony is familiar with all kinds of machines, he has experienced with all the processing for production. He helps to arrange all the jobs to make products pass standard and on time. He is experienced with training the workers to make sure they are good at their work. Tony makes your order to be produced smoothly with the best quality and send them to you on time as he can.

QC Manager

David, the QC director for UPSILON GROUP, make all the products have been checked for more than 3 times from the material to the final products. He check if the material is same as orders, the size of every blades is correctly to fit clients’ machines, the tolerance of every knives is allowed with drawings, the packing is good to protect every blades before client get them.

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