Contract Engineering and Manufacturing

Contact Engineering and manufacturing is a important process to buy a suitable industrial cutter and knives, and doesn’t need to be long and complex, putting you off before getting the industrial knives for your machines.

At Upsilon.Group, we are professional on industrial cutter and knives and any kinds of machine blades. Over the last 30 years, we’ve broken down our process into 5 steps, to make it easy for anyone, first-timers or veterans, to make it easier for them to find a suitable cutter partner.

Step 1: What you need?

To contact manufacturing, we need to know what kinds of machines you have. What do you use this kinds of industrial cutters? What material you use to cutter? What size they are? Let us know anyting you know.

Step 2: CAD drawings and material confirmation

All the cutters and blades are made according to CAD drawings.

It is the best if you give us drawings for your industrial cutter blades.

If you don’t have, please let us know the size of blades you want or let us know the machines you want to use the cutters, our engineers team will help to make drawings.

Different material have different quality and hardness, let us know the material you want for the cutters and knives, we have all lines from tool steel to HSS.

If you don’t know the material for the cutters, please let us know the material you use the cutters to cut. Our engineers team will give a best suggestion.

Step 3: Samples confirm if needed

We provide samples if needed. As industrial cutters and machine knives are specially products, we make most of the products specially according to your drawings. Samples is much difficult, but we service if client needed.

Step 4: Order confirm and payment

Now everything is perfect, we can confirm the orders. And we accept any kinds of payment to make clients easier to pay for their products. TT, LC,DP, Westen union, paypal. Ect are available for us.

Step 5: Mass Production and QC check

Now it is time for producing your machines knives, it may take 7-20 days to make the baldes specially according to your drawings.

During the processing, our QC manager David will check the when every process is going, even the order quantity is only one pieces.

After all of your cutters are finished, David will test the material, check hardness, make sure the measurement is right and the tolerance is fine.

Step 6: Packaging

Once your product is manufactured, it must be packaged.  We pack all of the cutters wooden cases before shipping them to protect the cutters when they are shipping. Wooden cases are the strongest packing ways to take care of the baldes.

Step 7: Shipping and Logistics

Shipping involves getting your product from our factory to a destination of your choice.  This typically involves transport by either sea or air.  It also includes customs clearance and inland trucking.

  • Sea transport is the least expensive option,but takes the longest.  It is also the most physically demanding carries the highest risk of damaged product.
  • Air transport is more quicker,but is much more expensive.  There is less likelihood of products being damaged, but there are also more restrictions on what can be transported by air.
  • Express is the quickest and most convenient way,but is expensive too.  You may don’t need to clear from your customs cutters are shipped by express. The express will help you. We can send as freight collect by your account too

Upsilon.Group will transport your products by sea or air anywhere in the world.  And if you want to manage your own logistics, no problem.  We can deliver to a port of your choice or you can pick up your product directly from our factory.

Now your machine knives are in you hand, it’s time focus your attention on the producing of your factory, focus on selling of the products your produced. The more volume you move, the more you’ll be able to afford to produce larger batches, which means more profit next time around!


If you have any questions about our industrial cutters and blades, get in touch with us using the contact form below.